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Of Thimba’s flatulence, the crisis and other relevant issues

O.k., since I coined this blog “Travels with Thimba”, it is more than appropriate that I should share some thoughts on what the road trip with my canine companion is like. So far. And having only crossed Europe to the south of Spain in a very relaxed sort of way, and on impeccably tarmaced and completely empty autopistas (don’t mention the crisis!). But hey, this is a new experience, so here are some reflections that sprung to mind.

I may think that I’m travelling solo, but I’m not. And Thimba, for one, certainly doesn’t think so.

French campeurs  also travel with their dog. At least that’s what those hairy little mongrels at the end of a lead look like. I can’t tell head from tail. For some reason they have all left their Great Danes at home.

Road trips and physical exercise don’t go well together.Thimba reminds me that a few good walks every day keep the blood thin.

Stop looking in the rearview mirror. There’s no traffic and all I see is Thimba’s big brown eyes staring at me saying “Is this really supposed to be fun?” Ignore, and concentrate on the empty road in front of you (did I mention the crisis?)

A road trip with a dog is like traveling with a young child: does she get enough to eat and drink, OMG she threw up all over the seat, isn’t she adorable when she sleeps. And Thimba’s flatulence easily matches any used Pamper.

Anyways, we’re off to a good start, the two of us. Building new routines and breaking down others. And ready to cross to Africa in a few days.

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building new routines