Monthly Archives: October 2015

Some video highlights.

Finally got round to go through all the video clippings of the trip. Most of it was shot in Morocco, the Guineas, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Congo.
The part with the mud and water is the “highway” from the coast to the capital in Congo Brazzaville. Sort of the M1.
The overturned truck is blocking a similar main road. With the aid of two guides I managed a bypass. The descent was so steep that I had to ask two – at the time – fellow travellers to hang on to the back of my car to prevent it from tipping over. The voice over is Steven, an experienced (motorbike) world traveller, who had the most scary moments in his career (“It’s f***ing mental!”). He told me afterwards that he thought of jumping off, but I’m glad he didn’t!
I consider myself an experienced off roader, but this was exceptional. It doesn’t really show how steep it is in the video. It’s remarkable how focussed you are in moments like this. But after the descent I got out of the car tears flowed.

It’s a quick and dirty sort of video, no fancy editing, but it gives an impression of this part of the overlanding trip in this magnificent part of Africa!

OR (because of copyright on the audio):