ebook now available!



The ebook


is now available in Apple’s iBook store


I am proud to announce that the ebook about my

Travels with Thimba is now available.

A delightful mixture of travelogue and photobook, meant to inspire both the armchair escapist and the would-be overlander!

Here are some screenshots to get you inspired!


screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4

You can download the ebook by hitting the download button below. The download may take several minutes.

The ebook is best viewed in Acrobat Reader (PC and Mac) or iBooks (Mac)

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it!


4 thoughts on “ebook now available!

  1. martine

    Ik heb genoten van je reisverslag. Wij hadden toevallig enkele mensen die jij ontmoette, eerder ontmoet in Marokko. Zal zeker het E-book downloaden en nog eens herlezen.



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