April 6, 2014

Independent travel in Africa fascinates many people. Whether they are planning for a trip themselves or just want to enjoy reading about it. I am glad that so many people have found their way to my website, over 25.000 so far. Thank you for your interest in my travels with Thimba, and your suggestions, comments and advice that you mailed me. Stay tuned!
Safe travels,


2 thoughts on “25.000 hits

  1. Arjan

    It’s fantastic writing you do. I enjoy every update very much. Especially since we’re hoping to follow your steps, leaving Amsterdam this October. Your blog gives us a perfect insight in what to expect, and even more, what to hope for! Safe travels!

    1. Gee Post author

      Hi Arjen,

      Thanks for you message and the compliment, greatly appreciated!
      Enjoy all the preparations, they’re half the fun!

      Cheers from Benin City, Nigeria,



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